[FANACCOUNTS] Seung Yoon and Winner at the Hello Winner Japan Fanevent! (140429)

Fans who attended the event received photocards. Seung Yoon’s photocard is shown above. (cr AeuyTlin)

“When Jinwoo mimicked a birdcall, he made a mistake so Seungyoon tried but he made cawing of a crow. Then, Seungyoon apologized while kneeling down.”

“Winner showed their childhood pictures so fans guessed who it was.”

“Seung yoon sang “IMAAITAI” of DLITE’s cover album.”

“JW mimicked an electric rice cooker (?) and SY said “everybody can do it”. So SY did it too and then the other members also started doing it.”

“Seungyoon did Pig nose(?), hand kissing and made hearts when fans asked.”
DCKSY via @1004SYNA

“Winner sang Go Up, JAB & some parts of Missing You  with the guitar. Mostly they talked.”
DCKSY via @1004SYNA

“What WINNER did (1st fanmeet)
KSY-guitar, KJW -bird noise (almost a whistle), Taehyun-singing, Mino-Beatbox, and LSH-freestyle dance”
chamtopatop14 via TeamAtheWINNER

“Jinwoo is very very cute. He did impersonations of birds. He smiled shyly while blushing because he wasn’t able to do it well.”
via @JINWOOniverse

“Most members of Winner have improved their japanese a lot.  Japanese fans were impressed at Seungyoon’s japanese”
DCKSY via @1004SYNA

“It seems that WINNER or rather Mino talked of Kawagoe, the town he and Hoon went to in WINNERTV. It seems that Mino also said he wanted to go Sapporo again.”

“Jinwoo’s weapon (special skill) is to mimic birds and a rice cooker.”
via @JINWOOniverse

“Taehyun: If I become rich~ I I want to go to Kobe a lot~ and eat Kobe meat a lot!!!!! I love meat~meat!!!!!!!
– taehyunner via  @YGWINNER_A

“After Seung Hoon finished his freestyle dance,
Furuya: “Seungyoon, wasn’t that a weapon either?”
Yoon: “That is our 5th weapon, compared to something basic it’s a bit higher level”
– @kalaea via @With_WINNER

“Furuya: Please show us your specialty.
Mino: My speicalty is beat-boxing.
After he checked the sound and scho, he started his cool beat-boxing. At the end, instead of a low sound, he coughed, making the audience laugh.
Mino:My throat hurts!”
– @kalaea via @With_WINNER

“Taehyun often listens to Queen and The Beatles.
Furuya: “What is your favorite song?”
Taehyun sang 「Bohemian Phapsody」of Queen (a few parts).
Furuya: “Is the track about missing and calling mom? ”
Taehyun looked embarrassed.”
-@taehyunner via  NONNONX21

“After JinWoo imitated birds,it was kind of awkward. The remaining members began to imitate the birds that are flying to change the atmosphere. ”
-@taehyunner via @NONONX21

“Taehyun: GYU!!!
Fans: NIKU!!!”
– @xxxksm_88  via @NONONX21

Note: Gyuniku means beaf in Japanese

“Seung Hoon danced while Seung Yoon sang ‘It Rains'”

“Furuya: Please show us your specialty.
Seung Yoon: For me it’s the guitar.
He played his cool acoustic guitar.
Furuya: I’d really like to hear a song played with this guitar.
Audience: Kya!!!
Seung Yoon: So let’s all sing together!
They sang Missing You by 2NE1 all together.”
– @kalaea via @With_WINNER

Jinwoo said “my special talent is .. weapon of Winner”
– DCKSY via@1004SYNA

“Before SY played guitar, MC said this is the moment that remains in the history. SY was taking a deep breath.
MC; Are Okay? SY; im nervous.”
– DCKSY via@1004SYNA

“Furuya: Please show us your specialty.
Taehyun: “For me, it’s singing. The song I’m going to sing is really famous even in Korea.
He sang ‘Close Your Eyes [Hitomi Wo Tojite] by Hirai Ken with a beautiful voice.
Furuya: Seung Yoon, isn’t this a weapon as well?
Seung Yoon: This is not a weapon! This was a basic task!”
– @kalaea via @With_WINNER

“When are you most happy?
SeungHoon: It’s being here now.”
-@yukiomi82  via @NONNONX21

“When Taehyun got off the stage, he went to the person in  a wheelchair at first and did fan service”
-@Luck_ygirl  via @NONNONX21

“Taehyun did free style rap. and content was Kobe beef. At the beginning of the rap, he imitated GD. ”
-@M0228Y  via @NONNONX21

After Taehyun rapped  while Mino’s beat boxed, Taehyun was very embarrassed. Mino said “Good job” while hitting his shoulder.”
@baffalou via @NONNONX21

“Taehyun spoke Korean unconsciously and then Seunghoon apologized instead while  kneeling down .”
– DCWINNER via @1004SYNA

SY:My personal goal is I hope I can be the person who you continue to love and you and your children willkeep listening to.
But fans misunderstood like it as ‘I want to make children with you’ at first.”
– DCKSY via @1004SYNA

“Jinwoo: I wanna appear in Japanese Drama in the future.
Fans: Maybe.
JW: Must be.”
– DCWINNER via @1004SYNA

“A fan was holding a placard saying ‘ Today is my birthday’ and Seung Yoon wished her Happy Birthday.”
– @SR__21 via @1004SYNA

“When Seung Yoon was singing It Rains, Seung Hoon danced free style and pulled Seung Yoon’s clothes.”
– @smilemyboy via @1004SYNA

“MC: What do you want to have?
SY: The things I want are our concert & tour, and your heart.”
– DCKSY via @1004SYNA

“Q: What’s your hobby?
Mino: “Drawing pictures.
Seungyoon(maybe): He spends more time drawing than practicing rap.
Seunghoon: “I am worried.
Mino looked like he was panicking.”
-@taehyunner via @NONONX21

They said that they should be able to give us some news about their debut album soon”

“Seunghoon likes clothes so he wants to open his own store in the future and make us buy a lot of his clothes.”

Jinwoo wants to become an actor who’s active in Japan so he’s gonna work hard on his Japanese. He did the famous “Maybe” “Must be”. TWICE.”

“Seungyoon wants to perform more in smaller venues like this where you can be close to the audience  (close to the stage).  His dream as WINNER is to do a Dome Tour. He also wishes for WINNER to become an artist that still can be loved by our children.”

Future plans: Mino wants to be a designer, Taehyun wants to become rich and eat a lot of Kobe Beef.”

“Our baby lion Seunghoon of course did a freestyle dance. The song was different at all the three events today.  He sat down by the edge of the stage and what started playing if not Kang Seungyoon’s It Rains. Everyone burst out laughing and Seungyoon picked up his microphone and quickly joined in singing his own song. They adjusted the volume so in the latter part you could actually hear his live vocals. It was amazing.  (It was good being a Seungyoon fan.) But back to Seunghoon’s performance, you can’t help but to get drawn into his dancing. Every routine has a story connected to the song, which he was known for back when he was in Kpop Star. His dancing is so expressive.”

“When it was Jinwoo’s turn Seungyoon said that he was WINNER’s secret weapon. He got up from the chair and went over to Mino then hid behind him and imitated his voice. (Why must this boy be so precious(. Of course they wouldn’t let him go with just that so then he went over o making bird sounds and ultimately the sound of a rice cooker. Seungyoon said that he could do that as well and he tried to make us do it but then Seunghoon stopped him. ”

“Then they did their cover of 2NE1’s Missing You. Seungyoon’s voice is so incredibly sexy, I had a hard time standing up. Because wow. I’m so into his voice even more now. Kangnam harmonies are out of this world. Jinwoo’s lines are so emotionally loaded it makes my heartache. Also the rapper line. f l a w l e s s. The goosebumps wouldn’t stop. The acapella part. My heart seriously stopped.”

“Seungyoon got his guitar ready and played an impromptu piece based on the atmosphere in the venue. It was beautiful. His hands are so pretty….///”

“Taehyun, what a sweetheart. He said that it would be boring if the vocal would just sing so he first did an imitation of GD. (It was spot on). Then, he did a freestyle rap about food. Taehyun loves his gyuniku. The MC accidentally called him Kobe Gyu-san www. It was very funny. ”

“Mino showed off his beatbox and if you think it was just some simple beatboxing you’re wrong. He’s very skilled. Mino’s rapping. Also his singing voice/// actually Mino’s voice in general. GUH.”

“Let me just say that Seungyoon’s Japanese is amazing.”

“So the fan meeting was divided into three parts: past/present/future WINNER. First they showed their childhood photos. Then it was their talent corner and finally their goals/plans for the future.”

“Hoon said that he wants to launch his own label if he could be successful  as WINNER. ”
-noon_tyg via @IBBBVIP

“When Mino answered questions, he said he wants to be a designer. NTH: That is problem’
LSH:Im afraid
KSY: You are WINNER, right?”
-noon_tyg via @IBBBVIP

“MC: KSY, what do you want the most?
KSY: To get or to do?
MC: Whichever you like.
KSY: You know, I want to have our own concert. I want to show our songs like this. What I want to get the most is…
LSH: *raises towel*
MC to Hoon: Towel?
LSH to audience:Do you want this? *audience scream* This is mine~(laughs)
KSY: You know, what I want the most is our debut album.”


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