Tutorial: Signing Up/Joining Korean Fansites (A General Outline)

This is a rough guideline on how to join korean fansites to view pictures or videos. It’s very similar to signing up into yahoo mail or gmail. There are different kinds of sign-up forms but they all ask the same things. Below are some of the forms that you may come across.


1. Go the website and click once or twice to get past the index page. (Index pages are usually a picture to welcome you to the site,  just click once or twice until you get to their homepage)

2. Somewhere on the site, look for “LOG IN” or “JOIN” or “IN”, it will be there. It can be on the bottom or the top, bottom or side. LOOK FOR IT and click it!

3. Depending on the website, you’ll come across one of these forms. Follow & answer.

4. DONE! If one these forms are not applicable to you, you can always ‘Google Translate’ to sign up. Usually sign-up forms are in standard language so translation engines are pretty accurate for this one.

5. Click around the site and familiarize yourself! Quick tips if you want to see pictures or video, click on anything that says “DATA” (i.e DATA 1, DATA 2 etc)

6. Respect and do NOT re-upload their HD pics if they prohibit it! Also comment and thank them. Always Thank them.

Credits : With_Winner


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