Mnet’s ‘Dirty Talk’ Panel Discuss WINNER

Mnet’s Dirty Talk’s topic this week was to discuss the new generation of boy groups produced by the Big 3 in the South Korean Entertainment Industry, Exo from SM, Winner from YG and Got7 from JYP.

The topics were, Talk about when SM’s group will disband, Talk about when someone from JYP’s group will leave and Talk about when will YG’s group will comeback!

The show is called ‘Dirty Talk’ for a reason and their intention is to talk about ‘sensitive issues’ like these which are not really discussed in other programs.

About WINNER, they talked about the Members and the longevity of the group. Other than that, they didn’t talk much about them since sadly they haven’t debuted yet.

Translation to a few things that were said about Winner : 

“Since WINNER are competent like their (BIGBANG) sunbae, if they create make a scandal, their life span will be more than 9 years.”

“Another opinion is that they are known as Kang Seungyoon and the Boys. Also Nam Taehyun is called the cream of the crop.”

“According to comment investigative team, Kang Seungyoon is considered as a key figure in WINNER“

They called Mino Little SUN to which Gura asked if he was smaller/shorter than Taeyang.Taewon mentioned that He(Mino) is a great rapper and JG added that He(Mino) can even make his own rap.

Gura: WINNER haven’t debuted yet, but they have higher recognition than Got7. Aren’t there 2 popular members?

JG: Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon got the limelight through audition program.”

In other news, YG released yet another mysterious teaser poster that says Who’s Next? Let’s hope its WINNER!

Credits to @1004syna for live updates , translation and Video. Watch the clip above for Winner’s cuts in the program. We’ll try and sub it if no one else does. Take away with FULL Credits. 


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