Netizen’s Reaction : YG’s “WHO IS NEXT?” Teaser Picture

Article that talks about YG’s “WHO IS NEXT?” teaser picture and people thought it’s either PSY or WINNER.

As for WINNER, a representative confirmed with OSEN last April that WINNER is scheduled to shoot a music video leading to predictions that it could possibly be WINNER’s debut. The director for WINNER’s MV is the same director who worked on the videos of YG’s biggest groups like BIG BANG and 2NE1. Director Seo Hyunseung directed BIG BANG’s “Fantastic Baby,” and 2NE1′s “I AM THE BEST.”

Also, WINNER has had several experience on bigger stages like performing for BIG BANG’s concert opening, 2NE1′s concert guest, and other stages. They also had a reality program (WINNER TV) which allowed them to gain more fans.

Netizen comments:

+2,104, -23: Articles like this has been released since November of last yearㅋㅋㅋㅋ

+1,758, -38: Please debut them now..ㅜㅜ It’s almost a year since WIN and over 200 days(?) since WINNER became WINNER. WINNER fans are getting tired, it would’ve been nice if they’d debut first then do the guestings, fanmeetings, and CFs. Please debut them.

+1335, -31: The article talks about how it might be WINNER or Psy but the result is notㅡㅡ

+1,191, -31: I’m tired of articles like this. This time, just say whoever’s next YG-yah.

+1,037, -23: Just please debut WINNER. How long do we have to waitㅠ

+176, -5: I was excited when I saw the “WHO IS NEXT?” but now I get annoyedㅋㅋ There’s so many YG artists that could be coming back/debut (WINNER, LEE HI, EPIK HIGH, PSY, etc).. Can you stop making the fans get excited over nothing and just tell us months before?? I think Yang Hyunseok is really good at making their skills/capabilities improve but he’s really bad with how he deals with fans. He needs to work with fans well so they gain more fans, buy more CDs, and that’s profit for YG himself and the artists.

+168, -3: CEO Yang. Is it fun playing with fans like this? Just stop doing that “WHO IS NEXT?” and just release us the info. WINNER fans like me or non-fans think the same. “WHO IS NEXT” is really hateful(?).. really. I’m expecting WINNER to debut in May.

+164, -4: WINNER has done everything but debut… reality program, concert (performances), shoot a CF, and be broadcasted… everything but debut..;;

+143, -3: Really, CEO Yang is really sucking out our blood… All the fans are tired and before they leave (the fandom) you should wake up to your senses, CEO Yang. You said they’d debut after the battle and now 200 days passed… really, that mouth of yours

+127, 0: When Akdong Musician came out, they used “WHO IS NEXT,” so I thought it’d be WINNERㅋ

+119: -0: I wish they’d become good artists through good album. 

Source: Naver
Translated by The BlackJack Table


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