WINNER featured on Malaysian Magazine E-pop

“Hello, we are WINNER! Malaysia, how are you?” WINNER asked fans.

After that, WINNER introduced themselves. They said in a cheerful tone, “We are very happy to come to Malaysia, to be invited as guests of 2NE1’s concert!”

Self introductory session, Kang Seung Yoon said, “We are happy to be here!” Lee Seung Hoon also smiling, said, “What’s up Malaysia? Malaysia, are you ready? Everybody make some noise, I love you!”

After that, WINNER intensified the atmosphere of the concert by singing <Go up>!  Though WINNER just come as a guest appearance, their popularity is equally impressive as 2NE1!

WINNER dressed smartly and came on to the stage with the song <Just Another Boy>! The atmosphere was so lively with hysterical screams of female fans when WINNER did various poses that melted their hearts! In the middle of the song, WINNER also ran to front of the stage to interact more closely with fans!

WINNER has come as guests invited in 2ne1’s concert!

Jinwoo looking very focused while performing!

“Members and I are so happy to be a guest on 2ne1’s concert!”

Seunghoon’s very nimble dance moves!

Omo~Seungyoon’s arm muscles are very robust!

Taehyun appeared in a smart  white suit!

Picture and Translation Credits : FSY @ksyupdates
Translated by Dekwa&Grace for FSY | Take away with FULL Credits


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