WINNER Releases Debut Teaser “The Visitor” But No Comeback Date

The anticipation is over: WINNER will debut soon. When, however, is still unknown.

YG Entertainment recently released the first teaser for WINNER’s debut, “The Visitor.” The video shows the members of WINNER in a variety of scenes, ranging from playing instruments to lounging about what appears to be a trashed hotel room.

WINNER’s debut has been anxiously waited for by fans who watched the competition show,Who Is Next: WIN. WINNER, known then as Team A, competed against another group of YG Entertainment trainees, known as Team B. Since winning Who Is Next, WINNER also had their own variety show, WINNER TV, and fans kept expecting the group’s debut.

The video’s background music is very experimental, with hints of new age  and trance sounds and dubstep overtones, but gives no real hint to what WINNER’s debut song will sound like.

However, YG Entertainment explained that the debut would be delayed so that the group could debut with an album that will meet the expectation of fans.

Now that the teaser video was released, many fans hoped that they would finally be able to see WINNER debut. But, frustrating fans all over the world, the company has yet to release an official debut date.

Instead, the teaser video merely ends with the words “Coming Soon.”

Fans who have seen the video have commented on both the long length and the artistic cinematography of the teaser, both of which are exceptional in K-Pop.

The video also says “Winner 2014 S/S,” but gives no information about what that means; it could be the name of the album, or could hint to the date of release. One possibility is that both the month and date of debut begin with seven, possibly implying that WINNER will debut on July 7.

However, until YG Entertainment confirms the debut date, fans will be kept anticipating.

Source: KpopStarz


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