YG’s New Boy Group WINNER to Debut Soon… Teaser Video Disclosed Unexpectedly

WINNER, YG Entertainment’s new boy group in eight years, has begun the countdown for their debut.  YG made a surprise disclosure of WINNER’s first teaser video titled “THE VISITOR” on its official blog on the 11 at 0 o’clock.

 The video starts with a scene of a woman who appears with a cupcake and balloon. A variety of objects that suggest WINNER’s debut against a mystical background are catching eyes in the video. With a phrase that goes “WINNER 2014 S/S”, WINNER members in a sophisticated style appear in harmony with unique images. The video looks like a fashion film that announces the launching of a new fashion brand.

 The most remarkable element in the teaser video is of course the evolution of five WINNER members (KANG SEUNG YOON, KIM JIN WOO, NAM TAE HYUN, SONG MIN HO, and LEE SEUNG HOON). They appeared in survival audition show “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” from August to October last year, as young YG trainees. Now, with their official debut coming up, they give a more matured and sophisticated appeal.

 The “tailored” styling that best suits the character of each member makes the unique personality of each one of them stand out like that of a fashion model.

 WINNER’s new logo that appears by the end of the video is also eye-catching. The logo materializes WINNER’s initial letter “W” in a unique and original way. Since the video is marked as “1st teaser”, it is expected that YG will continue to disclose new teaser videos of WINNER.

Credits : YG-Life


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