YG has disclosed 2nd teaser of Winner. Suggesting Mega-Sized Debut Promotion

WINNER, YG Entertainment’s new boy group in eight years, has disclosed their second teaser “LAUNCHING CAMPAIGN PLAN”.

 YG draw a big attention by posting the image of WINNER’s second teaser “LAUNCHING CAMPIGN PLAN” on YG’s official blog at 0 o’clock on the 13 this month.

 The teaser image has a gigantic building structure that gives a modern and sophisticated feel in it. Words that go “WINNER 2014 S/S LAUNCHING CAMPAIGN” is written on the image, giving a feel like launching of a new brand. Plus, a phrase that says, “’TEST WEEK 06.16(MON) –06.21(SAT)’, ‘NEW YORK WEEK 06.23(MON) – 06.28(SAT), WINNER WEEK 06.30(MON) – 07.06(SUN)” is arousing curiosity.

 There is no explanation what those phrases written on the image mean. However, since a specific date is written on it, fans are paying keen attention to what promotion related with WINNER’s debut will be carried out on the day.

 Before the new teaser, WINNER unexpectedly disclosed a teaser image titled “THE VISITOR” that suggests their debut, on the 11. The teaser video gave a unique and mystical feel such as that of a fashion film, showing matured and stylish members of WINNER (KANG SEUNG YOON, KIM JIN WOO, NAM TAE HYUN, SONG MIN HO, and LEE SEUNG HOON).

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