Winner Releases its 2014 S/S Pre-Test Photos

Getting started on Test Week, Winner unveiled its pre-test photos as part of the Winner 2014 S/S.

On June 16, Winner′s new teaser photos were released through YG Entertainment’s official blog, dropping six photos of Test 1 by 9AM (KST).

According to the schedule for Test Week, which was also provided on the blog, a new batch of photos will be released all throughout this week from June 16 to June 20, making fans anticipate what’s to come for Winner.

According to YG Entertainment, Test Week will reveal the many concepts that Winner has tried and gone through to prepare for its debut. It will show fans the Winner members as they are without fancy makeup or styling.

The images revealed throughout Test Week will not only allow Winner to find its colors, but also help pick out new staff members, who’ve prepared the different concepts of Test Week for Winner.

The next batch of photos will be revealed on June 17 at 9AM (KST).

Source: Enews via Mwave


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