Got7 Wants Win-Win Relationship with WINNER Instead of Rivalry

Got7 spoke up about YG Entertainment’s group WINNER, which has often been named its rival since the time of its debut.

On June 18, Got7 held a showcase celebrating the release of its second mini album in AX-Korea located in Gwangjang-dong and performed the title song A for the first time.

When asked if he thinks that WINNER is Got7’s rival, JB answered, “I don’t think of them as our rival. Instead of forming a rivalry, I think we should look at their strengths and be motivated to work harder.”

JB also said, “I hope that we can form a win-win relationship. I don’t think that we have any advantages over WINNER yet. Martial arts tricking may be our advantage. I think we should work harder since we cannot name anything as our strength yet.”

 *Non-WINNER info omitted

Source: enews/ Kim Byung Kwang


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