Big Bang and WINNER at Japan’s A-Nation

YG Entertainment announced on June 18 that BIGBANG and WINNER will be participating in Japan’s large-scale music festival “a-nation.”

The two groups will be in Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium on August 29 for the “a-nation island & stadium fes. 2014 powered by bin Jelly.”

It is BIGBANG’s first appearance at the stadium since Aug 26, 2012, and the upcoming one is more special as they will be headlining for the first time. WINNER, who will be there for the first time, is expected to heat up the fans.

From April to May, BIGBANG and WINNER fired up the local fans when they were involved in “Family World Tour 2014 Power- in Japan” that attracted 210,000 fans at Tokyo and Kyocera Domes.

 WINNER is also garnering much popularity in Japan. They caught the attention of the local fans when they appeared on last year’s survival program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN,” while also heating up the Japanese fans when they performed at the opening of BIGBANG’s Tour.

*Non-Winner info omitted

Source: YG LIFE



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