WINNER Releases Teaser of ‘NEW YORK WEEK SCHEDULE’…Debut Getting Near!

New boy group of YG Entertainment in 8 years, WINNER, released teaser of ‘NEW YORK WEEK SCHEDULE’.

They attracted people’s eyes by posting image of ‘NEW YORK WEEK SCHEDULE’ on YG official blog ( on 22nd. The teaser image has the background of New York in white and black, and has the phrase ‘NYC PHOTO NEW YORK WEEK SCHEDULE’ written. Detail dates of NYC 1 06.24 , NYC 2 06.25, NYC 3 06.26, NYC 4 06.27, NYC 06.28 are written arousing high expectation of what will be released on those relevant days.

‘NEW YORK WEEK’ is a week that shows steps of WINNER’s debut preparation by releasing its ‘debut concept’ shooting cuts at New York.

WINNER has received hot interest by releasing image cuts of natural and comfortable charm through ‘TEST WEEK’. It is expected that they will show different WINNER’s charm in ‘NEW YORK WEEK’.

This shooting is prepared through meticulous planning in advance with participation of JDZ CHUNG who is a photographer at GQ, Park Ji Seok who is affiliated in YG and WINNER’s new stylist, and other creative team.

This is the result from laborious tasks of 20 staffs that did their best for impenetrable security of concept leak, including local staffs who participated for this various concept shooting of this large project by staying for a long time in New York.

Source: Naver via With_WINNER


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