YG WINNER, releases stylish New York photo.. “Debut concept”

New boy group of YG Entertainment in 8 years, WINNER, has started their ‘NEW YORK WEEK’ and released their debut concept.

YG released ‘WINNER -2014 S/S NYC PHOTO #1′ on YG official blog (www.yg-life.com) at dawn of 24th.

If the previously released TEST PHOTO had members’ natural charm in it, this ‘NEW YORK WEEK PHOTO’ has WINNER’s debut concept, having fancy styles.

5 photos having the eldest and vocal, Kim Jin Woo-oriented concept photos were released this day. Kim Jin Woo, who is wearing silk shirt, blouson, and jeans is looking at something by leaning on a black classic car. The second photo having the image of classic convertible car driven by Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jin Woo who is looking outside of the window, gives a feeling of a still cut.

The first pictures of NEW YORK WEEK end up having the images of Kim Jin Woo’s charming appearance zoomed in and 5 WINNER members; Kang Seungyoon, Kim Jin Woo, Nam Tae Hyun, Song Min Ho, Lee Seunghoon walking down exotic night streets.

This NEW YORK WEEK shooting is prepared through meticulous planning in advance with participation of JDZ CHUNG who is a photographer at GQ, Park Ji Seok who is affiliated in YG and WINNER’s new stylist, and other creative team.

This photo will be released until the coming 28th, every 12 a.m. in order, raising the expectation of what charming images WINNER members would show.

 SourceOsen via Naver via Winner WUAN


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