Winner featured on Japanese Magazine ‘Josei Jishin’

WINNER involved more than 12,000 people in their ‘Hello WINNER’ fan meeting held in Osaka and Tokyo.

Hoon exhibited his childhood picture in which he was wearing green clothes from head to foot. Fans said to him, ”You look like a Green onion!” Then Hoon immediately showed them his ‘Green onion Dance’. Thus,they enjoyed playing with their fans.

Taking to YG artists, WINNER approved their fine taste of fashion. The MC asked them, ”What is the (fashion) point you are most particular about?”

Mino: ”Hat. I have more than 100 hats!”

Taehyun: ”Myself. If I improve myself, any clothes would suit me, right?’

Seungyoon: ”Balance…. no, pants!”(he changed his answer because fans hooted “pants~!” at him)

Jinwoo: ”Face and body. I’ll show you my abs next time! I promise!”

Hoon: ”Cute socks.True fashion is caring about invisible things.”

The 5 boys told each of their own opinions. In the last farewell, Seungyoon announced, ”We want to do a Japan tour with our debut album. We’ll be back for sure!” Fans kept calling for an encore even though they left the stage.


Kang Seungyoon (20)

Seungyoon is the leader and vocal. He appeared in ‘SUPER STAR K2′ and finally did a solo debut in 2013. He has distinguished talent for singing. He’s thoughtful and a reliable leader who has a talent as composer.

Kim Jinwoo (22)

– Jinwoo is the vocal and also the visual of WINNER. He is the oldest in the group and was the longest trainee out of all of them. He works very hard but sometimes he messes up. He has a very handsome face, a soft and cute character.

Lee Seunghoon (22)

– Seunghoon is the rapper in the group. He grew up in Busan so he speaks with a Busan accent. His unique rap is very attractive. He also makes the choreography and stages from his good skills. He loves YG so much that he even lived near the office.

Song Minho (21)

– Mino is the rapper in the group as well. Before he became a YG trainee, he was in a unit with Block B’s Zico. He was told “There is no more to teach about rap.” His fashion is also really and is the most YG-like in WINNER.

Nam Taehyun (20)

– Taehyun is the vocal in WINNER. He has a sweet voice and his voice range is wide. He is really good at high notes. His character is very straight and says his opinions. Even though he is the youngest, he is not the “maknae” type. Although his eyebrows makes him cute.

Credits : @gdgdrisa / @Taehyunxxx / @With_Winner


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