WINNER’S 3rd NYC Photos – Song Mino’s Overpowering Style + Looks

The third series of photos taken in New York of WINNER, YG Entertainment’s first boy group in 8 years, were unveiled.

In the early morning of June 26, YG unveiled on its official blog the “WINNER-2014 S/S NYC PHOTO #3.” The artist in point is SONG MINHO, the rapper of the group. Through 4 personal and 1 group shots, SONG MINHO showcases his stylish charms.

Wavy hair, thick-rimmed glasses, a red shirt with cute logos and a pair of slacks—these all add up to playful SONG MINHO. His masculinity is unveiled in the 3rd and 4th photos, where he shows off his well-built arms in a sleeveless shirt in one while leaning on a car in the other one.

The photos are a work of photographer JDZ CHUNG, who also works for GQ, and YG’s new artist for WINNER, Park Ji Suk, along with a creative team. They have been meticulously designing the project for months.

The “WINNER-2014 S/S NYC PHOTO” series only leaves KANG SEUNGYOON and LEE SEUNGHOON, building much expectation for their upcoming photos. The series that kicked off with KIM JINWOO on June 24, moved on to NAM TAEHYUN and SONG MINHO, and will continue until 0 hour of June 28.

Source: YG LIFE


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