Netizen’s Reaction to Winner’s last batch of photos for New York Week

Article : WINNER Kang Seungyoon, A Release of Fresh and Refreshing Charm 

1. (+132, -6) It’s already been 4 years since the first broadcast of Superstar K2 in July 2010. He didn’t come out much during his solo promotions for Wild and Young so I hope they let him come out a lot more this time. I want to see him on TV and Variety shows. 

2. (+114, -6) I’m looking forward to them. YG’s rookies are pretty handsome.

3. (+111, -9) I watched their Adidas performance and their form and the way they shook the stage was definitely not like a rookie. His base is already very good but I think he’s gotten a level taller… And to add to that, their new song’s quality is no joke. Will their title be ‘Shut Up’? The chorus was awesome. Anyway, with perseverance, Winner is coming! 

4. (+94, -7) Hurry hurry hurry and debut 

5. (+84, -6) What kind of promotion are they going to go with next week? I think they’ll debut on 7/7. 

6. (+62, -4) Yaaa-! Kang Seungyoon-! Are you really going to be like this?? Hmm?? Innocent, cool… Aigoo why are you so loveable!!!!

7. (+55, -5) Seungyoon-ah, you’ve been through a lot for the last four years. Now I hope you’re rewarded for all your hard work. Hwaiting! 

8. (+51, -3) Wow~~~~ Innocent, cool, and pure sexy… Not enough to describe him. I fell for Leader Kang Seungyoon once again at the Adidas event. Winner was so cool. Now all you have to do is debut.

9. (+52, -4) He’s really refreshing and cool— are they debuting now? 

10. (+52, -5) Look at his hair ㅋㅋㅋ Totally cute. Did you eat an innocent fruit? 

11. (+45, -2) Seungyoon-ah— let’s see you on a music stage now. I want to see Winner dominating the stage. It’d be great if they’d debut on Winner week. 

12. (+45, -2) Winner Leader Kang Seungyoon, debut and please perform for us a lot- The pictures are really nice. 

13. (+45, -3) Clean- Bright- and with confidence! a a It’s our Kang Leader as expected. 

Credits : Onewomansubs


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