YG Begins “Winner Week”, Disclosing KIM JIN WOO’s Teaser Movie with “Mystical Appeal”

“WINNER Week” for “WINNER”, YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new boy group in eight years, has begun.

 On the 2 this month at 8am, YG released “WINNER TEASER MOVIE #1” on YG’s official blog (www.yg-life.com).

 The first hero of the teaser movie is KIM JIN WOO. The video starts with a scene of KIM JIN WOO sleeping on the bed with a book of Oscar Wilde in his hands. Then, KIM JIN WOO wakes up, looks at something, and prepares two cups of tea, as if he is expecting a guest.

 With a door-bell sound, the video ends. In the mystical video that feels like a fairy-tale, KIM JIN WOO shows his pure and mysterious appeal.

 Meanwhile, starting from KIM JIN WOO’s video, one “WINNER WEEK” teaser movie will be released every day until the 6.

Credits : YG Life


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