WINNER Has Disclosed Nam Taehyun’s Teaser Movie with “Subtle Tension + Mystical Feel”

WINNER, YG Entertainment (YG)’s new boy group in eight years, has disclosed the second teaser movie for “WINNER WEEK”.

YG posted “WINNER TEASER MOVIE #2” on YG’s official blog ( on the 2 at 8pm.

The hero of the new teaser movie is NAM TAE HYUN. The movie shows a woman who is approaching to NAM TAE HYUN with big scissors hidden on her back and NAM TAE HYUN touching a pink rose, in cross-cutting. It gives a subtle tension to viewers.

As the woman points the scissors at NAM TAE HYUN, he hurts his finger by the rose’s thorn. The scene is overlapped by another scene in which a person who seems to be the woman puts her lips on NAM TAE HYUN’s finger. Finally, the video ends with a scene that shows a glass vest that contains only the stem of the rose without a flower.

The video gives a mystical and mysterious feel, with a variety of objects that arouse viewers’ curiosity.

Meanwhile, the third teaser movie of “WINNER WEEK” will be disclosed on the 3 at 8pm.

Source: YG LIFE













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