Winner Week Ends : Official Debut August 1

YG’s new boy group WINNER will be making an official debut on August 1.

With their last video titled “WINNER TEASER MOVIE #6” on YG’s official blog on July 6, the “WINNER WEEK” came to an end. At the end of the teaser movie the phrase “2014.8.1 GRAND LAUNCH” tells us their debut is August 1.

Seizing victory over Team B on the survival program “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” aired from last August to October, WINNER had been preparing their official debut step by step through appearing on their reality program “WINNER TV” and opening BIGBANG’s Japan’s 6 largest dome concerts. And on August 1, they are finally appearing as an official group.

From June 16, WINNER had been unveiling “Test Week,” where a month-worth project of concept photography was conducted, “New York Week,” another visual recording project in NYC, and the 6 teaser videos of “WINNER Week.” Through the 3-week promotion, the group focused on appealing themselves as if they were a brand.

Following the individual teaser movies, the last video unveiled on July 6 features the back of the five members walking. The camera then captures each member’s faces close up. They showcase different stylish fashion items like a clean shirt and tie, and a fedora.

The movie series was directed by Shin Dong Geul, who was also in charge of TAEYANG’s teaser video of his album “RISE” and AKDONG MUSICIAN’s “MELTED.” Cinematographer Tristan Sheridan, who was also involved in world-renowned fashion brand films including Prada and Dior, also joined in. The video is made more notable as the members involved in the making of films “Captain America” and “Phone Booth” were also part of WINNER’s videos.

Source: YG LIFE


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