One Year With Seungyoon – #1YearWithSeungYoon

It’s been 5 years nearly since we first heard of a Kang Seungyoon from Busan who quite proudly claimed ‘I was born to be a Star’ on Superstar K2. (Little did we know he was telling the truth!) 5 years since he started on a long journey to achieve his dreams.To become a singer who would make his mother proud, a singer who with his voice, emotion and performance could move crowds.

Usually, a contestant who made it to the TOP4 in a program like Superstar K2 would bask in the fame and recognition that he gained because of both talent and publicity.It would be considered quite foolish to give up all that to become a trainee. Seungyoon did and that proved to be another life altering (for-the-better) decision for him.Along with many other things he learnt at YG as a trainee, he learned to dance. We now get to see Kang Seung Yoon dance!

This day,a year ago, Seungyoon finally debuted with It Rains, a song that forms a gentle harmony with the guitar and Kang’s voice with lyrics touches the hearts.

Kang Seung Yoon’s “It Rains” Tops the Real-Time Music Chart; “What’s so special about it?” – “The rookie singer, KANG SEUNG YOON’s “IT RAINS” ranked first in charts. With the guerrilla-release of “IT RAINS”, which is a song for advance release, on July 16, KANG topped 5 online real-time music charts, including Melon, Olleh, Mnet, Daum, and Monkey3.”

There are different ways to make a debut. Participate in a reality show,Go solo or form a band. But that’s not how Seungyoon rolls. He does them all.

  • Reality Show – Check
  • Solo Debut – Check
  • Survival Program – Check
  • Band Debut – Coming Soon

Like YG said “to cut to the chase, I simply think he is born to be a celebrity. He’s just got that much talent.” Too much talent. Him calling himself Team A’s Multi Player during WIN; totally justified.

“Winner is my true debut” “Now that we are Winner, we are like a family and we know we won’t leave any member behind”

This is only the beginning for both Seungyoon and Winner. With Seungyoon leading the equally talented Seunghoon,Jinwoo,Mino and Taehyun, they are bound to succeed. Yet to debut and they are more active than many existing groups. Let’s become a fandom that supports Seungyoon and Winner through all the highs and all the lows.Guess who’s back!

So much done and achieved in just a year and yet this is only the beginning…..


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