Forever and Ever FSY – #FSY1stAnniversary

Honestly, I cannot believe it’s been a year already. I also cannot believe how much we’ve grown as a fansite. It’s been an amazing one year and we hope we will be around for many more years. All we want is to be a reliable and the go to site for all things Kang Seung Yoon.I hope we are.

As you may already know, Forever Seung Yoon and Ksyupdates were two separate fanbases where FSY was originally just a twitter account and Ksyupdates was a blog run by Dekwa and Me(grace) respectively. On Dekwa’s suggestion we joined forces to make FSY(@ksyupdates) and that was one the best decisions ever made(for us).

We have a lot of people to thank,so here I go. Firstly, our followers! ♥♥♥ We love you all a lot and am very very very thankful to all of you.Thank you for supporting us and loving us. It wouldn’t be possible to be active without your support. Tbh, it is quite burdensome as we have to responsible for everything we post and tweet and we have made quite a few mistakes. Please forgive us since we always try to! But at the same time, we are very happy and proud about everything else done and achieved.

Running a fansite is not easy.As of now, we are active in so many socials and that cannot be done with just two people.Maybe I am biased,but I believe we have the best staff ever! Working with you guys has been nothing but wonderful and I love and am thankful to each one of you.

We are also thankful to all the other fansites(international,korean,subbers) of Seungyoon and of Winner. The network and cooperation that exists between us is wonderful which only reflects more about our fandom as a whole. Aces Jjang!

No fandom is fun without fanart, fanedits and maybe even fanfiction. Ours has quite the number of talented contributors to everything fanmade.

Once again, thank you!

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