WINNER Debut Support by DC WINNER

Less than 2 hours until August 1st and DC WINNER uploaded pictures of their large scale debut support. So much thought was obviously put into every gift and endless time and effort (and also money) spent in getting so much done. We can’t personally thank the ones involved in the project since it is all anonymous, but thank you ♥

32 GB Character(superhero) USB’s filled with .gif’s ,.avi’s, manips etc.

Mosaic Picture


Contents of Magazines can be viewed here : Part 1 / Part 2

Sony PlayStation 4

Silver Bracelets inscribed with lyrics from Go Up
Seungyoon : Our Life is a Drama
Seunghoon : Let’s Go Up Together
Taehyun : This is Our Highlight
Jinwoo : Wishing For a Happy Ending
Minho : Nothing to Lose

Center : Seungyoon
Top Left : Taehyun
Top Right : Jinwoo
Bottom Left : Seunghoon
Bottom Right : Minho

T-shirts with funny drawings of Winner members


Credits : DC WINNER


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