Winner to Officially Debut in Japan and Launch 1st Japanese Tour

Following its August debut in Korea, Winner will be debuting in Japan in September.

Winner will be releasing its Japanese debut album 2014 S/S – Japan Collection— on September 10 through YGEX and launch a ‘high-touch and talk’ event in Namba Hatch on August 27 and Sinagawa Stellar Ball on 28 in celebration of the album release.

Winner will also be launching its Japanese concert tour Winner 1st Japan Tour 2014, carrying out exceptional activities as a new group through debut promotional activities and a tour at the same time.

Starting on the day after its Japanese debut album release, Winner will be performing in Tokyo on September 11, Sapporo on September 23, Fukuoka on September 28, Nagoya on September 30 and October 1, Namba on October 3 and 4 and in Tokyo again on October 10 and 11, performing at 11 concerts in five cities.

Having won the survival program Win: Who is Next, Winner has been preparing for its debut for the past year and has performed as the opening guest singer for Big Bang’s six dome tour, which gathered over 771,000 fans total. It also performed in YG Family World Tour 2014 –Power—in Japan, which gathered over 210,000 fans, leaving a firm impressions on the Japanese fans.

Backed by the country’s response, Winner has also been added to the line-up of a-nation island & stadium fes. 2014 powered by in Jelly, taking place on August 29, along with Big Bang.

Meanwhile, Winner will be debuting in Korea by holding a launch show on August 6 and releasing the debut album online and offline on August 12 and 14, respectively.

Credits : Mwave


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