YG WINNER’s Debut Song to be Disclosed on the 12th; Launching Show on the 6th

YG Entertainment’s new boy group WINNER discloses their debut song on the 12 this month. In 5-minute-long WINNER teaser video that was disclosed on YG blog on August 1 at 0 o’clock, the process of WINNER’s preparations for their debut is depicted like that of a fashion show, with members’ interviews.

The teaser video begins with a scene in which the winner of survival audition show “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” is announced. The audition show was aired from August to October last year, to select the members of YG’s new boy group. Right after the scene, WINNER members recollects their memories of the moment, saying, “We were like do or die back then. We were too happy and too sad. That experience made us grow a lot”.

Then, WINNER talks about their journey toward debut, saying, “It’s been more than a year since we began the ‘WIN’ battle. It is more than just a change. It is more of evolution”.

KANG SEUNG YOON goes on to speak out his worries during the period of preparing for WINNER’s debut, “Since we have been waiting for our debut and preparing for it for a long time, I was worrying about what if the outcome does not live up to people’s expectations”.

The other members including SONG MIN HO, NAM TAE HYUN, KIM JIN WOO, and LEE SEUNG HOON also express their desire for debut, saying, “I want make people know us as soon as possible”, “I’d rather not try to make up myself. I’m just me”, “I have always craved to be a singer more than anybody would, and the only way for that was my efforts”, and “Now I wanna show you what I’ve been preparing and practicing for the past years”.

At the end of the video, YG discloses WINNER’s “DEBUT WEEK” and announces that WINNER will hold a launching show on the 6, disclose music on-line on the 12 at 0 o’clock, and release off-line album on the 14 this month.

Credits : YG Life


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