WINNER, releases debut poster.. ‘Mature+Earnest’, seems like real Launching Show

Boy group WINNER that has their debut ahead released DEBUT WEEK poster on 4th.YG Entertainment released poster on their official blog ( with the title of ‘WINNER – “2014 S/S“ DEBUT WEEK‘ on 4th, 12 am.

WINNER raised fans’ expectation with unique concept in the released poster. WINNER’s tension and determination could be felt from their earnest expressions which seemed like they were doing a standby at the backstage before going up on stage. They were also eye-catching with differentiated concept with other boy groups and special matured mood.

WINNER has noticed themselves to public as one brand through 3-week promotion; releasing results of concept image cuts through ‘TEST WEEK’ which was proceeded for several months, shoots in New York at the period of ‘NEW YORK WEEK’, and 6 teaser movies in ‘WINNER WEEK’.

This debut album ‘2014 S/S’’s jacket and teaser shooting was proceeded virtually by holding launching show at a borrowed real gallery in Seoul somewhere. Dozens of extra audiences were gathered as a real show and added the sense of realism by showing the image of 5 members preparing the show and being on stage in real time.

WINNER is going to start their debut activity by holding ‘Launching Show’ on the coming 6th, release on-line music album on 12th, 12 am, and release off-line album on 14th.

Credits : Naver


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