YG WINNER, ‘Hot’ debut like comeback stage… Can live up to fans expectations?

Fans are interested in whether WINNER can satisfy music fans high expectation toward them who already created fandom even before their debut.

WINNER will release their debut album through the launching show on August 6th. The group already has equipped with professional skills by building experiences through survival program ‘WIN (Who Is Next)’, ‘WINNER TV’, BIGBANG’s opening guest of concert tour in Japan, and YG Family Concert and so on. Therefore, their debut is expected to bring changes in boy groups of the music industry.

Starting from the launching show, they will release songs online on August 12th and sell album offline in August 14. They are also expected to debut in Japan in the next month: WINNER will release debut album through YGEX in September 10 and will conduct ‘High Touch & Talk’ events in Namba Hatch on coming 27, and in Shinagawa on coming 28. Also, they plan to hold ‘’WINNER 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014’ along with the debut.

The rookie group’s movement after the debut has no boundary: during the 1 year of preparation period, WINNER built confidence and now they plan to sweep through Asian music industry, living up to fans expectation who looked forward their debut.

WINNER’s Nam Taehyun who waited the debut more than anyone else said, “It’s been a year since we started WIN Battle. There has been a dramatic change and we want to show everything that we had prepared.” All members are ready to start and keep saying that they want to demonstrate everything prepared in one moment. Three days left before the launching show and at the same time fans expectation toward the group is increasing.

Credits : Naver


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