Netizen’s Reaction : YG WINNER’s Double Title Tracks ‘EMPTY’ and ‘COLOR RING’

1. [+1001, -187]  Did they not have any songs?  Or did they feel sorry for them?  What reason do they have for choosing B.I and Bobby to compose the title song out of all the composers they could’ve picked from… ㅋ
2. [+801, -57]  Does Yang Hyun Suk enjoy picking a fight with fans? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is this?  We’ve waited a year for this.
3. [+686, -42]  It’s surprising that Teddy only participated in one song this time around.  They’re not changing YG’s style rather they’re just trying out new music colours!  I’ll look forward to this!
4. [+600, -50]  Finally are they officially debuting?… ㅠ
5. [+564, -80]  Winner is finally debuting.  It’s incredible for rookies to participate in the composing and lyrics writing for all of their album’s songs.
6. [+181, -25]  I don’t hate Team B.  I like them but it just doesn’t feel right for their first debut title track to be composed and written by B.I and Bobby..
7. [+179, -38]  Yang Hyun Suk is favouring B.I over again ㅋㅋㅋ
8. [+132, -18]  Bobby and B.I’s lyrics and composing??  If that’s how it’s going to be, why don’t you just debut them then?
9. [+171, -38]  Fuck, why the hell is B.I and Bobby tied into this, seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You should’ve just included Today and Olleri Golleri instead.  Why did you leave out good songs and put that in
10. [+127, -10]  Yang Hyunsuk enjoys fan wars, doesn’t he?
11. [+119, -6]  God-like rookies who don’t seem like rookies.
12. [+117, -10]  It’s a tracklist that we’ve been waiting for but…  why do I feel screwed over…  YG, I’ve had enough with you.
14. [+71, -4]  B.I and Bobby’s composing and lyrics?  I’m confused whether I’m supposed to like this or hate this as a fan?
13. [+103, -3]  They should have saved B.I and Bobby’s song for Team B’s own debut album…  As a Winner fan and thinking of it from Winner’s perspective, I’m disappointed as it feels as if their chance to make their title song their very own has been taken away from them.  I’ve waited a long time for this and I feel so unwelcoming to the fact the first song I read was not by WINNER but composed and written by Team B members.  If I were to think of it from a Team B fan’s point of view, I wouldn’t be so welcome to the fact that another group would be singing a song that my artist wrote and composed themselves either.  Just what is YG intending to do?  We’ve waited such a long time and he doesn’t even understand the fan’s hearts.  ㅜㅜ
14. [+106, -7]  I’m looking forward to it but what about Kang Seungyoon’s composing and lyrics?…
15. [+104, -15]  Why of all people would they have B.I and Bobby compose and write the title song?  What a joke.
18. [+78, -2]  To all the people hating on B.I here, listen~!  B.I is not in WINNER, he’s in TEAM B!!!!  This is a WINNER article!!!!!
16. [+77, -1]  So it’s a…. full album….
17. [+81, -7]  Wow, composing and writing the lyrics…  these rookies are amazing.  I can’t wait for their new songs!!
Credits : YG Press

One thought on “Netizen’s Reaction : YG WINNER’s Double Title Tracks ‘EMPTY’ and ‘COLOR RING’

  1. Seriously it’s WINNER’s debut, the beginning for them.

    And their title song being composed by B.I and Bobby ?!!!

    Are you kidding me, Yang Hyun Suk?

    It’s okay to helping them, but makes it as ‘Title Track’ ?! You must be nuts.

    I can understand if Team B is your favourite, esp. B.I and Bobby. But hell, it doesn’t need to go this far.

    For fans, rather than seeing the title track being made by other person it’ll be better seeing it made by WINNER it self.

    I can’t understand how WINNER will be fine with this. What can they do after all ? They’ve been waiting for this moment.
    Swallowing their feeling is the only choice they have.

    Yang Hyun Suk has hurt their pride and makes fans mad.

    And WINNER Helping Team B’s Debut ?
    What kind of help ? Making them a title track too ? Or just promoting them here and there ?

    We’ll see.

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