WINNER Japan Debut Comment

Seungyoon: “Guess who’s back? We are WINNER”
All: “Hello, we are WINNER~!”
Seungyoon: “It has been finally confirmed that our debut album will be on September 10th.”
Hoon: “Confirmed!”
Jinwoo: “All of us worked hard in making it so please, please check it out!”
Seungyoon: “From August, we will have High-Touch events with our senpais, BIGBANG and A-Nation, in Tokyo and Osaka. And from September 11th, we will have a Japan-nationwide tour~”
Hoon: “We will!”
Taehyun: “I want to meet everyone quickly~”
Mino: “Me too! me too!”
Hoon: “Please anticipate it a lot!”
Mino: “Let’s meet in Japan!”
Hoon: “(In korean) That’s right!”
Seungyoon: “Let’s meet! This was WINNER! See you~”
All: “See you~~!”
Mino: “Peace.”

Credits : WINNER | Translation : @_chrissy96


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