WINNER’s new album blended with fashion: A whole new class

YG Entertainment’s new boy group WINNER embarked on their journey as pro artists by holding a Launching Show of their first album blended with fashion.

 On August 6th, WINNER created a fashion show by showcasing their stage outfits with other professional models. The debut launching show was held at Seoul Yeouido’s Conrad hotel.

 The five members were as stunning as the models on the runway. WINNER set themselves apart from other artists who usually hold album showcase event for debut albums, by blending fashion and music together.

 YG’s personnel commented, “Their debut album is like showcasing a new fashion brand.” At the fashion show they showed just a hint of their album, building expectations for their upcoming promotions.

 WINNER is YG’s first boy group in 9 years since BIGBANG. The group is consisted of 5 unique and talented members: Oldest KIM JIN WOO, Leader KANG SEUNG YOON, Rapper SONG MIN HO, Performer LEE SEUNG HOON and the Youngest NAM TAE HYUN.

The group was chosen by the viewers of’s survival program “WIN: WHO IS NEXT.” Since then, the group garnered even more popularity through their own reality program, “WINNER TV.”

On August 12 their album “2014 S/S” will be unveiled, while the offline version goes on sale on August 14. The members were involved in writing and composing all the 10 songs in the album, including the two title tracks “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING.” Their first official performance will be at YG Family Concert in Seoul on August 15.

Credits : YG Life


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