YG’s Yang Hyun Suk Answers To “10 Questions” About New Boy Group WINNER

YG Entertainment’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk has openly answered questions about YG’s new boy group WINNER, before the upcoming official debut of the group.

WINNER is YG’s first boy group produced by YG after BIGBANG, so they have been under the spotlight of the media and music fans. Even though they are a new group who has not even debuted yet, WINNER already has high popularity and recognition like top stars. That is because the team has already gained stardom even bigger than that of top singers, by appearing in last year’s survival audition show that displayed the competition between Team A and Team B, to gain the opportunity to be selected as YG’s next boy group. Yang Hyun Suk has dedicated himself to creation of WINNER alone for the past five years. Plus, his unique marketing methodology has created sensation for the period. That is why fans’ expectations for WINNER’s debut is further heightening.

In the launching show and press conference for WINNER’s debut album “2014 S/S”, which was held in the afternoon on the 6 this month at Conrad Hotel located in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Yang said, “Precisely speaking, WINNER is the first boy group that YG produces nine years after BIGBANG. As WINNER members are rather taller than other YG singers, we set the concept to present them as fashion models, for this launching show”.

1. Why has WINNER’s debut been delayed?

The biggest concern in producing a new boy group is that a process of preparations to make the group not similar to any other boy groups is needed. I believe that process can make or break the success of a new group. I promised WINNER’s debut after the end of “WIN” show last year. However, I thought that presenting them to the public prematurely when they still did not have their unique color was not good for them. I had to choose the best way for WINNER, even if I myself is criticized for delay of their debut.

2. How is WINNER different from BIGBANG?

That is what I’ve been contemplating the most. I wanted fans evaluate how and how much WINNER is different from BIGBANG. So, it took a year to find out WINNER’s own style. I put a lot of thoughts in what color of clothes WINNER should wear and what type of songs and dance they have to present on the stage, in the process of making decisions for their debut.

3. What is the future for Team A and Team B?

YG is like a family. Both WINNER and Team B were YG trainees. I would like to ask for your continuous affection and interest in Team B, too. Team B’s member B.I and BOBBY participated in WINNER’s debut album just for collaboration, so don’t’ get it wrong. Team B’s help for WINNER’s debut does not mean that Team B will not make debut.

4. People say that it will be hard to see WINNER in Korea because of their busy overseas schedules.

WINNER begins performances in Japan in October this year and that means that WINNER’s time for performance in Korea is rather short. I know that people say this will disappoint Korean fans who have been waiting for WINNER for a long time. In the past, singers performed in Korea first and then moved to overseas. However, nowadays, we can go back and forth between Korea and Japan within two hours, so I think there will be no such problem.

5. Will WINNER reduce TV performances like other YG singers?

Singers are the happiest when they sing on the best stage with the best conditions for performance. WINNER will follow such principle, too. There is a reason why YG singers do not appear in TV that much. When there are too many requests for TV appearance, the schedule becomes hectic, then, singers get tired. Plus, they cannot accept all requests for performance, to prevent themselves from overworking. If they can have favorable circumstances and conditions, there is no reason for them to refrain from TV performance.

6. What is the genre of WINNER’s debut song?

I didn’t want WINNER to be misunderstood as a dance group. That is why I picked a sentimental and emotional hip-hop song for their debut. I thought that can appeal to the public.

7. Can we still see KANG SEUNG YOON’s solo performance?

KANG SEUNG YOON, SONG MIN HO, and LEE SEUNG HOON began their artistic careers before their debut as WINNER. That is why I really wish WINNER’s success. I want to hear people say it was the right choice to make KANG SEUNG YOON perform in a group. If people say that WINNER members create a perfect harmony and they shine more as a team rather than as solo artists, I would feel very much rewarded as a producer.

8. What is the scope of WINNER’s performance as a boy group?

Senior YG singers rather refrained from performances other than music. However, I will expand the scope of performance for WINNER to do more things in a wider variety of different fields. In fact, YG singers did not appear in entertainment shows frequently. However, WINNER members have a variety of talents along with their talent for music. I would leave the door for the scope of WINNER’s artistic activities open. I will open all the channels for WINNER, unlike other YG singers. KANG SEUNG YOON may act as an actor, while the other members may appear in entertainment shows.

9. What is your feeling about WINNER?

I think I’ve changed as I grew older. In the past, I thought that singers must do only music, but my attitude is changing little by little. I believe that No.1 on music charts and in music shows does not mean much. As you know, No.1 on music charts and in music shows is not that meaningful in the Korean music market. What I want is that people really love WINNER’s music. That will make me feel better. I hope WINNER can get closer to everybody, like mom’s friends and their daughters all together.

10. So, who is WINNER?

As WINNER is YG’s first boy group after BIGBANG, I have put much efforts and affection in the process of their training, to make them be praised by anyone. In a word, I think that now they have grown enough to become an artist who can be praised by anyone, anywhere. I feel very good.

WINNER is the first YG boy group in nine years after BIGBANG’s debut. The team has five attractive and talented members: the eldest KIM JIN WOO, leader KANG SEUNG YOON, veteran rapper SONG MIN HO, colorful performer LEE SEUNG HOON, and the youngest NAM TAE HYUN. They were selected as YG’s next boy group by viewers of cable channel Mnet’s survival audition show “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” aired last year. After winning the show, WINNER has built a strong fandom by appearing reality show “WINNER TV”.

WINNER unveils the music of their debut album “2014 S/S” on the 12 and releases off-line album on the 14 this month. All WINNER members took part in writing the melody and lyrics of all 10 songs of the album, including its double title tracks “empty” and “Color Ring”. Plus, WINNER gives their first official performance in “YG Family Concert” held in Seoul on the 15.

Credits : YG Life


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