WINNER expected since they are from YG.. Would they make new boy group history

New boy group of YG Entertainment in 9 years, WINNER has knocked the door of the music industry on last 6th. They have 10 months belatedly debuted from the first plan of the representative Yang Hyun-suk who tried to differentiate them with BIGBANG. They have upgraded their skills one by one that much. They have started to write new boy group record with sensitive public hip hop by confidently confronting the question of people asking them whether there is a different point from their senior group BIGBANG.

WINNER is formed with individual and skillful 5 members such as leader Kang Seung Yoon, the eldest Kim Jin Woo, the youngest Nam Tae Hyun, skillful rapper Song Min Ho, and skillful performer Lee Seung Hoon.

They are directly picked by audiences through cable channel Mnet survival program ‘WIN: Who Is Next’. They planned to debut right after the broadcast ended but Yang Hyun-suk delayed their debut 10 months in order to show their perfect images in front of the mass. WINNER has held Launching Show combined with a fashion show on last 6th and released new album concept, tracks and further activity plans.

Their debut album is ‘2014 S/S’ and it is contained with 10 tracks. They are going to perform with double title songs, ‘empty’ and ‘Color Ring’. ‘empty’ is a rap, hip hop song which contains the story of emptiness after farewell which the lyrics are written by Song Min Ho. The other title song ‘Color Ring’ is written by Kang Seung Yoon, Song Min Ho, and Lee Seung Hoon, and leader Kang Seung Yoon has directed in the song as main producer.

WINNER members have not only actively participated in these two songs but also in the debut album tracks and showed their potential as singer-songwriters. This debut album, which was slightly released at the Launching Show, is mainly contained with lyrical and sensitive hip hop songs. It is fully filled up with good music of pubic melody which YG Entertainment’s own refined musical sense is merged in it.

Producer Yang Hyun-suk’s confidence was here. He revealed the reason of delaying their debut 10 months, “I wanted to show different colors of them from BIGBANG. It took time to find WINNER’s own colors and try different music from BIGBANG.”

 Mass’ interest toward WINNER is enormous. As BIGBANG explosively debuted with strong individual music, fashion and stage form among depersonalized idol groups, WINNER is also getting exceptional high interest as a rookie group. The biggest expectation is that they are new group from YG Entertainment that wrote new girl and boy group history through BIGBANG and 2NE1 that succeeded in catching both individuality and popular appeal which are hard to perform at the same time.

WINNER has the strategy not to make winning move of being no. 1 in music broadcasts and music charts. Yang Hyun-suk expressed his hope, “Being no. 1 in music broadcasts and music charts is pointless. I hope there would be many people who feel and enjoy WINNER’s music.” Leader Kang Seung Yoon also told his dream, “I hope our music would give hope and consolidate others. I hope we could be a group that cures others with music, not being just a showy group.”

Yang Hyun-suk is planning to open various potential toward WINNER’s activity direction. WINNER has the thought of performing variously in acting and entertaining if they have chance which differs from existing YG Entertainment singers that individually debuted in acting after some time of striving for music activities. He announced that “WINNER has various talents other than music activities. I’m going to open every channel by breaking the idea of just limiting artists to music. Kang Seung Yoon may act, and other members may appear in entertainment programs.”

It is anticipated that people could meet WINNER in various fields and activities other than musical activities. It is expected that WINNER would exert high influence to the public due to well-made music and other broad activities as new boy group of YG. WINNER’s step of whom has high potential of becoming popular boy group since they are affiliated in YG Entertainment and ready to show various charms after finishing their long preparation has just started.

Meanwhile they are going to release their debut album ‘2014 S/S’ on the coming 12th, and offline album on 14th. They will have their first official stage through ‘YG FAMILY CONCERT’ in Seoul on the coming 15th.

Credits : Naver


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