Winner Members are Thankful to B.I for Producing a Good Song for Them

With Winner approaching its debut, Yang Hyun Suk hopes fans wouldn′t misunderstand Team B′s participation in Winner′s album.

On August 6, Winner held the launching show, 2014 S/S Grand Launch and press conference at the Conrad Seoul Hotel in Yeouido to talk about its upcoming debut and album.

Ready to debut, Kang Seung Yoon stated, “We′re finally debuting. It′s a new feeling. Now, the only thing left is for us five to move forward, and I think it′s also a time for us to strengthen our goals again. Thank you.”

Speaking on their new title song Feeling Empty (translated), Kang Seung Yoon explained, “It may seem like the relationship between Winner and WIN′s Team B isn′t great but honestly, we still meet in the recording room, talk about things, and even produce together.”

“B.I gave us the song Feeling Empty and we gladly recorded it. We′re thankful to B.I for making a song that fits our colors so well.”

Yang Hyun Suk also added, “We hope that the fans don′t misunderstand on things like this. Feeling Emptyis a song that B.I and Bobby participated in. This is something I especially hope fans don′t misunderstand. I hope fans will understand that this is a collaboration between family members.

Meanwhile, Winner′s debut album 2014 S/S will have a total of 10 songs, including title tracks Feeling Empty and Caller Ring. The Winner members also participated in a large part of the production, showing their talent as singer songwriters.

Following the launching show, Winner will release its songs on August 12 and drop the album offline on August 14. The group will participate in the YG Family concert on August 15, standing on its first official stage after its debut. With Winner being the first boy band since Big Bang nine years ago, all eyes are on the rookie group to see what results it will bring.

Credits : Mwave


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