WINNER’s album “a year’s worth of work”: full of diverse, self-composed tracks

New boy group WINNER unveiled their album, a year’s worth of work. The members filled the album with diverse charms, writing every one of the tracks on their own.

On August 6 at Seoul Conrad Hotel, YG Entertainment’s new group WINNER held a Launching Show. At the event they announced that their album “2014 S/S” will be unveiled on August 12, while the LP comes out on August 14. A session was dedicated to taking a sneak peek at some tracks in WINNER’s debut album.

 The members, all of whom were involved in writing, composing and producing the entire album, showcased “empty” and “Color Ring” as their double title tracks. “empty” is a work by B.I, BOBBY and SONG MINHO while the latter is a joint work of KANG SEUNGYOON, SONG MINHO and LEE SEUNGHOON.

 “empty” carries a sentimental guitar rhythm with a catchy hook. A unique voice expresses the emptiness after a breakup in hiphop style. “COLOR RING,” in which KANG SEUNGYOON was involved as the main producer, is a ballad song that goes along a quiet guitar melody. It is a yearning that comes from the ring tone that replaces the voice of a long-gone loved one.

 “DON’T FLIRT” is a witty reggae song while “I’M HIM” is SONG MINHO’s solo track. It is a hiphop track that highlights his mid-tone voice and an incredible rapping skill.

 “LOVE IS A LIE,” which SONG MINHO played the role of the main producer, is an upbeat song with synthetic sounds that ironically creates a sad feeling. The song is about being in denial of a breakup. NAM TAEHYUN also showcases his solo song “CONFESSION,” where he exhibits his soft voice along the melodic piano. It’s about confessing one’s feeling to a woman he loves.

 “BUT,” in which NAM TAEHYUN is the main producer, spotlights familiar melodies with KANG SEUNGYOON’s powerful voice. “DIFFERENT” focuses on a soft guitar that fits into a pop rap genre.

 Another song NAM is in charge of main production is “TONIGHT.” It is an R&B song that portrays a sorrowful yearning after a breakup. “SMILE AGAIN” is filled with unique synthetic sounds and rhythmical rapping. It crosses over two genres of trap and EDM.

 WINNER, last August, competed against B TEAM as A TEAM on a survival program “WIN: WHO IS NEXT.” After three sets of competition, they received the victory of achieving the name WINNER.

 Having been confirmed of their debut last November, WINNER had the privilege of opening BIGBANG’s and 2NE1’s overseas tour. They appeared on “WINNER TV” while simultaneously preparing the debut album. Their first official performance as pro artists will be on August 15, when YG holds a YG Family Concert.

 After the debut in South Korea, they will be move on to Japan in September to release “2014 S/S-Japan Collection” and kick off a tour in Japan.

Credits : YG Life


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