WINNER Worked Well in Overseas Too..1st in iTunes Album Charts of 4 Countries!

YG’s rookie group WINNER not only got high attention in domestic music industry but also in overseas with their debut album ranking the top in iTunes top albums chart of 4 countries.

According to the top albums chart which is iTunes main album chart on 13th, 8 am (KST), WINNER’s debut album ‘2014 S/S‘ which was released on last 12th, 12 am, is recording the top in 4 countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

It has also ranked 2nd in Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, 8th in Finland, 9th in Macao, 15th in Sweden, 16th in Norway, 17th in New Zealand, 41st in Denmark, 43rd in Australia, 44th in US, 44th in Russia, 50th in Canada. It placed itself among top 50 of 19 countries and succeeded entering in top 200 of 30 countries.

Also, their title song ‘empty’ ranked among top 100 of 8 countries’ main single chart, top single songs section such as being 6th in Thailand, 7th in Singapore, and 7th in Taiwan.

Especially, it is more meaningful since the whole songs of this album is composed and written by the members. WINNER has put much effort in the album’s completeness, all-killing domestic music charts and getting hot response from overseas with its release.

‘empty’ is a rap, hip hop song which contains the story of emptiness after farewell. WIN B Team’s B.I and Bobby that competed with WINNER collaborated in the work and the lyrics are written by Song Minho. The other title song ‘Color Ring’ is written by Kang Seungyoon, Song Minho, and Lee Seunghoon, and leader Kang Seungyoon has actively participated t in the song as main producer.

Meanwhile, WINNER is going to have their official debut stage in ‘AIA REAL LIFE NOW FESTIVAL’ of ‘YG FAMILY CONCERT’ which will be held in the main Olympic Stadium, Jamsil Sports Complex on the coming 15th.

Credits : Naver


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