Netizen’s Reaction : How Did WINNER Get Such A Powerful Fandom?

1. [+7546, -791]  First of all, their songs are great.
2. [+6463, -443]  All the things they did before debut played a huge part, of course.
3. [+5734, -658]  I wasn’t a YG fan but I became one after watching WIN.
4. [+5387, -642]  You just can’t stop listening to their songs!
5. [+5060, -688]  ‘I’M HIM’ is daebak!!  It’s different from other rappers.  It’s so fresh. I’m really looking forward to more from them in the future~  Song Mino, you’re the best~
6. [+773, -80]  Stop mentioning EXO on Winner articles…  Do you really have to cause trouble?
7. [+756, -109]  All the members have something special to offer and they all have unique personalities.  They don’t have the typical good-looking face rather they look very charming.  It was really cool seeing how they all sincerely ran forward to chase their dreams on WIN.
8. [+737, -126]  Basically, they’re hot and have their own definite character.  On top of that, their songs are amazing.  ‘Empty’ is a song that I loved right when I first heard it while ‘Color Ring’ is a song that I want to keep listening to over and over.
9. [+688, -85]  They actually had a lot more fans before their debut but because YG kept playing around with their debut date, a lot of them left.  All the fans who stayed by their side for a year are really amazing.
Credits : YG Press

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