Netizen’s Reaction : WINNER’s Official Lightstick

Article : ‘Rookies Release Official Lightstick Right After Fandom Name’

[1] They’re releasing everything so fast…
[2] Doesn’t it clash with Super Junior’s colour if it’s going to be blue?  But it’s pretty.
[3] The fact that they already have all of this prepared… they really must have pushed back the debut for so long.
[4] They’re really debuting with everything prepared.  Take care of Big Bang too…
[5] Reminds me of Big Bang’s crown-shaped light stick.  Does that one poke people too? Why do all of YG’s light sticks seem like weapons…
[6] It’s pretty~! (+78 Similar Responses)
[7] Is their official colour blue then?
[8] Lightsticks should be unique but why did they choose this colour.
[9] I want it!  SM and YG are destined for each other.  While YG takes forever to make comebacks, SM understands and gives it to us.  And while SM doesn’t take care of the fandoms well, YG does.
[10] YG’s finally doing work.
[11] The shape is similar to Wondergirl’s but is the colour going to be blue?
[12] It looks like a club. Seems like we’ll be getting another deadly light stick weapon.
[13] I’m jealous.  It took forever for Infinite to get theirs…
[14] Ah, I wish our fandom would get a light stick too…
[15] They really paid attention to every detail of this debut.
Credits : YG Press

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