WINNER (A TEAM) vs BOBBY (B TEAM): Contest under one roof

YG’s new boy group WINNER and rapper BOBBY are having a friendly competition on music charts. The two songs “EMPTY” and “GA” are going neck-and-neck on domestic charts.

 The intriguing point here is that both artists belong to the same agency, YG Entertainment. What’s more, the two have already been in a competition last year on Mnet’s survival program “WIN: WHO IS NEXT,” where WINNER was A TEAM and BOBBY B TEAM.

 WINNER, who made a debut at 0 hour of August 12 with the album “2014 S/S,” swept across 9 domestic charts with the title track “EMPTY.” 2 days later, BOBBY unveiled “GA,” which quickly caught up.

 “EMPTY” still stands at #1 at 2 pm on August 14 on South Korea’s largest music site Melon, and also Mnet and Daum Music.

 It is the runner-up on Genie, Olleh Music, Bugs and Naver Music while #3 on Monkey 3 and Soribada. It is a song about the emptiness that comes from a breakup, and is loved by fans home and abroad. With WINNER’s SONG MINHO, B TEAM’s BOBBY and B.I wrote the lyrics.

 BOBBY topped 4 real-time charts on Genie, Olleh Music, Naver and Bugs with “GA.” It ranks #2 on Melon and Mnet, but the number of streaming is skyrocketing—it is certainly a threat to the top song.

 “GA”  a track that BOBBY will showcase tonight on Mnet’s hiphop survival “Show Me The Money 3.” With lyrics like, “When I’m riding the rhythm, I’m like a cocky ghost or monster,” BOBBY is determined to beat his competitor Vasco. The song expresses his bulldozer-like rap and deep voice.

 Ailee’s “Only You,” a theme song for the drama “Fated to Love You,” ranked #1 on Monkey 3.

Credits : YG Life


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