SBS Inkigayo Voting Tutorial

Download & Install M&TV app from Google Play or iTunes. This tutorial is an android tutorial (You can checkout this 2NE1 tutorial for iphones)

This is critical. You need to change your language settings into KOREAN or else the app will continuously crash in the middle of signing up. To do so, go to “Settings” app in your phone, “Language & Input” then “한국어(Korean)”. This is the same way to put your language back when you’re done signing up.

Open ‘M&TV‘ (TV톡) app and scroll the page all the way to the right until you see this. Click on ‘회원가입‘ to register.

Check all the boxes and click on ‘다음‘ (Next)

Fill in the proper information.

It’s going to ask you what your country is. Choose your country.You can google translate your country to find what is the korean word for it. Type in your phone number at the 2nd white box and click the yellow box

A pop-up will show and send you a confirmation number to your phone. Once you receive it, type that confirmation number and click the yellow box. (If you haven’t noticed already, always choose ‘확인’ which means to confirm)

Click on the yellow box that shows up after registration and then the app should open to the homepage. Then click on the ‘SBS Inkigayo voting‘ splash screen.

It’s going to show you a LONG list of artists. Find WINNER and click on ‘투표’ to vote.

Vote and confirm. That’s it. Now use the same steps on #1 to revert to your original language. Note:Whenever you vote, the language settings needs to be in KOREAN or else it will crash. So you have to keep changing & reverting it when it’s time to vote

Credits : With_Winner


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