Winner’s Message for Genie & Interview


Q: The theme for the launching show was “Runway” and while preparing for it, which member seems to do model walking the best?!! And which member practised the most for walking?!

Seungyoon: Me! Haha
Taehyun: Song Minho
Jinwoo: The most model-like member is Seunghoon, and the most member who practised most was everyone in WINNER. (We practised walking even during our normal walking)
Mino: The most model-like member is “Seunghoonie hyung” he seemed like Jang Yoonju sunbaenim. And Seungyoonie also practised walking all the time.
Hoon: Song Mino – His back is really straight. Kang Seungyoon – His expression seemed like a model and it had charm.

Q: Starting from your trainee period and till before your debut, when was the most ‘empty’ moment for you?

Seungyoon: I always feel empty whenever I come down from the stage.
Jinwoo: About 8 months after the end of WIN.
Mino: During the WIN battle period, we worked hard while preparing for Jiyongie hyung’s “Crooked” performance but I couldn’t join in because of my injury, during the change of leader (in Team A)
Hoon: On Christmas day, I did/used Manito(?) with Team B but I thought it was nothing much, and when I received a present from Jinwoo hyung

Q: Which song would you want to do through a color ring? (I think they mean make the song into a ring tone)

Seungyoon: Definitely Color Ring!!!
Taehyun: Confession
Jinwoo: Don’t Flirt
Mino: Definitely I’m Him
Hoon: 02. Colour Ring – Sad

Q: How did the members feel on 12th Aug midnight?

Seungyoon: My heart was pumping!
Taehyun: It felt empty
Jinwoo: I felt excited, anticipation and worried
Mino: I felt like I was going to fly into space!
Hoon: Log in! Download it! Listen to it!

Q: Which member seems like the eldest hyung and maknae?

Seungyoon: Eldest hyung-like member: NamTae. Most maknae-like member: Jinu (Jinwoo, but he spells it as Jinu)
Taehyun: Eldest hyung: Lee Seunghoon. Maknae: Minho
Jinwoo: Eldest hyung: Lee Seunghoon. Maknae: Song Minho
Mino: Eldest hyung-like member.. Seungyoonie? He doesn’t seem like the hyung but when it comes to taking the initiative and setting an example! And the maknae is the most maknae-like member!
Hoon: Eldest hyung – Jinwoo, maknae: Taehyun

Q: The fans came up with different short forms for the name “Inner Circle”: InKeul, IngKeul, InEo, IngEo, ICE, IC & etc. Which one do you like most?

Seungyoon: InKeul (Note: pronounced as Incle)
Taehyun: InKeul!
Jinwoo: IKeul
Mino: What is InEo..? InKeul!
Hoon: ParkInSeo (I made it myself)

Q: Which sunbaenim takes most care of you in YG?

Seungyoon: Taeyang sunbaenim, Tablo sunbaenim, 2NE1 sunbaenim
Taehyun: Chaerin noona, Tablo hyung
Jinwoo: Park Sandara sunbaenim (TN: it feels weird hearing him call Dara as Park Sandara?? lol)
Mino: Jiyong hyung, Dara noona, Taeyang hyung, Tukutz hyung.. (I see them most in the recording studio! It’s comfortable and feels good)
Hoon: Tablo hyung – I see him most in the recording studio.

Q: If WINNER manages to win #1, is there any promise to do something?

Mino: Power model walking!
Hoon: We’ll make a choreography for Don’t Flirt.

 Source: Genie | Translated by: 21tasticbaby


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