WINNER Talks YG Power, Ranking No.1 with Debut Album and More

The WINNER members opened up to share their thoughts on the great success of their debut album.

Having released its first full length album 2014 S/S on August 12, WINNER ranked number one on nine music charts in Korea as soon as the album was released, proving that their time spent waiting and preparing was not wasted.

Sweeping across all daily charts, WINNER’s title Empty even topped the weekly chart, beating out other new songs in the competitive world of K-pop.

In a recent interview with Newsen, the WINNER members all expressed that they didn’t expect to win first place with Empty and even rank in top 10 with Color Ring and Don’t Flirt.

Kang Seungyoon said, “I didn’t expect at all to rank number one with our debut song. As a new group, I just wished that we would enter the charts. I really didn’t expect such a great response.”

About receiving the spotlight as soon as it debuted, Kang Seungyoon said, “I think the company’s power played a major role. We also appeared in WIN and WINNER TV. It helped that we gained popularity through different programs prior to our debut.”

He continued, “The fans waited for us for so long. The fans’ support also helped us out a lot. More than anything, I’m content that such satisfying results came out for the songs that the members worked on over many nights. From the public’s point of view, it could have been a big twist. YG Entertainment’s new boy group in 8 years came out with lyrical songs instead of dance songs and performances so it could been a big twist. We had many chances to spread our name so I never think, ‘This result was possible because WINNER is amazing,’ or ‘We already achieved this much as soon as we debuted.’ We were able to receive a lot of love thanks to many fortunate opportunities and situations. Instead of thinking that we did it, I’ve been reminding myself to feel grateful and to work harder next time.”

Song Minho said, “I agree with Kang Seung Yoon. I definitely think the company had a lot to do with it. That’s why I feel more proud to be a part of YG Entertainment. Due to the exposure to the media, we were able to spread our name to some degree and gain fandom, which led to a greater public interest in us.”

Lee Seunghoon said, “I really think the company played a big role. It’s to the point where I could say that we just went along with the company’s power. I think this is the reason why so many aspiring celebrities want to enter a big company, like YG Entertainment. We also went through a lot of difficulties before we entered the company.”

Last October 25, WINNER won the final competition against Team B in Mnet’s WIN, being selected as the latest boy group to debut out of of YG after eight years, following Big Bang.

Pushing its debut date to ten months later, the WINNER members spent many nights in the studio, training, writing their own songs and constantly discussing with producer Yang Hyun Suk to make their best final product.

Thanks to the other YG singers, such as Big Bang and 2NE1, WINNER was able to get the experience of performing on big stages through their dome tours overseas.

About this, Lee Seunghoon said, “The company taught us how to learn, instead of how to do. We learned how to hunt, instead of how to eat. We got priceless experience by watching the senior singers’ stages and performing on stage with them.”

Nam Taehyun shared, “Of course, the company played the biggest role in our activities until now but I think this is the real beginning for us. Instead of thinking that there will come a time for WINNER to stand on its own, I think that we began standing on our own at this moment. We’ve prepared many things until now and we will work hard so that we won’t feel embarrassed to have the title of ‘WINNER,’ as one of the artists of YG.”

It is WINNER’s rule to have confidence but not arrogance.

Lee Seunghoon said, “We were worried and talked about the possibility of becoming arrogant as singers. I decided not to forget our original intention and to not change.”

Kang Seung Yoon said, “We have no room to be arrogant. We ranked number one once but if we rank number two with our next album or don’t make it into the chart at all, then we won’t be able to handle the situation. Instead of settling for the current moment, we think that we have to return with better music next time so we have no room to be arrogant. We’ve been constantly working on new songs when we have time in between our schedules. We will maintain this attitude as we promote as singers.”

Credits : Mwave


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