WINNER Talks of Yang HyunSuk’s Presence + Members in Variety Shows & Acting

WINNER expressed its gratitude towards YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk. WINNER returned to its fans by releasing the first full length album 2014 S/S on August 12.

After winning the final competition of WIN against Team B last October 25, WINNER was given the honor of making its debut.

Its new title song Empty ranked number one on nine music charts as soon as it was released and the other album tracks, including the double title song Color Ring, lined up the top spots on the charts, proving that their ten months of waiting was not wasted.

As it is YG Entertainment’s new boy group in eight years following Big Bang, Yang Hyun Suk’s interest and consideration for WINNER was extraordinary.

Not only did he share advice from his own experiences with them, he provided WINNER with constructive feedback to help them develop as a group and as individuals.

In a recent interview with Newsen, WINNER said, “Yang Hyun Suk helped out a lot in the process of getting ready for our debut. He listened to every song we produced and gave us a lot of feedback. To give an example, if he couldn’t feel the lyrics, he would say, ‘This doesn’t touch my heart at once,’ or ‘I think it would be better if it felt this way.’ In that process, we had many opportunities to talk with Yang Hyun Suk.”

Kang Seungyoon said, “Yang Hyun Suk contemplated for a long time on WINNER’s color. He also attended WINNER’s launching show that took place recently and cheered for us. Yang Hyun Suk’s presence works as a big motivation for us, actually. When he is next to us, we perform better in anything. It makes us think that we need to be better. Usually that kind of thinking makes one more nervous but I want to show myself more confident in front of him. I’m probably the member who talks the most when he is with us.”

Lee Seunghoon shared, “Thanks to Yang Hyun Suk who came to the launching show, we were able to deal with even the difficult questions. He helped in answering some of the questions that we weren’t sure on how to answer,” and Nam Taehyun said, “We actually found out some things for the first time during the launching show. I only realized then that he was planning to have us appear in dramas or variety shows. I didn’t have the opportunity to know what he was thinking inside but I was happy to know a bit about it.”

Taking a step closer to the public through the debut album as sing-songwriters, WINNER hopes to show its unique charms through dramas, movies and variety shows in the future.

About Song Minho, Kim Jinwoo said, “I think he [Song Minho] would do better as a supporting actor instead of the lead actor. I want to recommend the lead actor’s friend role for him. That’s Song Minho’s image to me. He is also an energetic member in the group so I don’t think he would be discouraged in a variety show.”

Nam Taehyun said, “I think Kim Jinwoo hyung will be able to bring out good response if he accentuates his innate character in a project. Like the protagonist of the film Barefoot Ki Bong or ‘Cho Won’ from Marathon, he should take on an innocent role. In the case of varieties, I think he suits better in a reality program instead of a scripted program.”

Lee Seunghoon said, “Nam Taehyun once acted in our reality program WINNER TV. He had to dress up as a girl since it was a love story and at first he said, ‘I can’t do this. I will never do this again,’ but once he dressed up as a girl, he pulled it off really well. I wish to see him act as a boy dressed as a girl in his next project. He also has superior body structure, so he will win all kinds of awards if he showed his running and javelin throwing skills on variety programs,” making Nam Taehyun burst out laughing.

Kang Seungyoon said, “Lee Seunghoon has a funny personality so I think he suits well in a variety with a talk show format. I think he will also do well on SBS’s Running Man and MBC’s Infinity Challenge. For acting, I think he should take on a comical role. I ask all sitcom directors in Korea to cast him as the lead character’s friend.”

Finally, Song Minho said, “Kang Seungyoon acted longer than other members and he is talented in so many fields. His biggest strength is that he doesn’t feel shy. He is also full of confidence and I think that’s a very important element when it comes to acting. He doesn’t feel embarrassed at all and has acting sense so I think he will be able to pull off any roles.”

Then he added, “But I don’t think that he should do variety shows. He is bright and fun to be with but his sense of humor isn’t that the one I prefer. I would like to recommend him for acting instead of varieties,” and Kang Seungyoon playfully said, “I think I would be better in hosting a show rather than making other laugh. I’m good at memorizing scripts and hosting a show as an MC.”

Source: MWAVE


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