WINNER Talks BIGBANG’s G-Dragon as Role Model + Rival Competitions!

WINNER named Big Bang’s G-Dragon as its role model. No debut has been fancier than WINNER’s.

Releasing its debut album 2014 S/S on August 12, WINNER immediately ranked number one on nine music charts with the title song Empty, getting compensated for all the passion they’ve poured into music until now.

On top of sweeping the daily and weekly charts, WINNER won the trophy from Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN and even ranked number one on Billboard’s World Album chart.

The K-pop world is full of new songs released by numerous new singers. The competition has also been fierce among the new boy groups. In last year alone, 30 new boy groups have entered the industry.

The reason that WINNER, YG’s first boy group in 8 years since Big Bang, is receiving incomparable love is clear. It is the fact that they wrote their own songs. YG’s Yang Hyun Suk noticed WINNER’s ability as sing-songwriters before others did and poured his attention to its growth. The reason that WINNER’s debut album could solely be composed of self-composed songs is due to Yang Hyun Suk’s wholehearted support.

In a recent interview with Newsen, WINNER started, “We think that the way for WINNER to differentiate from the other groups is through self-composed songs. We plan to present many more self-composed songs in our next album and the one after that.”

Kang Seungyoon said, “Of course, we can’t always write good songs. Pressure definitely exists in that aspect when it comes to self-composed songs. We could receive songs from great composers and include them in our new album but we would like to comprise our next album with self composed songs as well.”

Lee Seunghoon said, “We realized that the self-composed songs go well along with WINNER’s sentiments that that they are well accepted by the public. I think it is better for us to focus on composing our own songs, for the sake of WINNER’s future direction and potential for growth.”

YG’s artist and Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon is often named as one of the best singer-songwriters in Korea. He wrote many of Big Bang’s hits, including Bad Boy, Blue, Café, Fantastic Baby, Forever With You, Love Song, Wonderful, Last Farewell and more, as well as the songs in his solo albums, such as Heartbreaker, Black, Who You? and Crooked.

Naming G-Dragon as their role model, WINNER said, “We respect G-Dragon sunbaenim. He is someone who went over and beyond as a member of Big Bang and has made his own name a brand.”

G-Dragon has reportedly shared much advice with WINNER regarding self-composed songs.

Lee Seunghoon said, “We’re also trying to make our own choreography. Song Minho is gifted in art so he can also participate in album design. This is only the start. We believe each member’s colors will become more distinct with time. We want to learn and grow more.”

Many new groups who debuted at around the same time of WINNER have been named as their rivals, but WINNER showed a calm response to this, claiming that their sense of respect comes before the sense of competition.

Lee Seunghoon said, “There is no group that we think of as our rival and whether they are our senior or junior group, we love their music. I think other people determine our ‘rivals.’ I enjoy singing not only WINNER’s songs but other singers’ music.”

Nam Taehyun said, “I respect all singers. I have no sense of competition at all. Even if we have the sense of competition, the fans are the ones will be giving us the crown, so we don’t write songs to beat other singers. When it comes to other singers, we stand in the place of listeners, just like the public.”

WINNER expressed its desire to return the love of the fans though good music and performances.

Kang Seungyoon said, “We feel really grateful that the fans have waited for us for so long. Above all else, we’re happy to be presenting the name of ‘Inner Circle’ to all the fans who have been waiting for us. We will present music that can make the fans to become ‘WINNERs’ by listening to them. We ask for your interest and love.”

Source: Mwave


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