STARCAST : 2014 S/S special rookie WINNER’s debut! Surprising visit at the waiting room!

YG’s special rookie WINNER has splendidly debuted with ‘2014 S/S’! They made hot headlines with their 5 colors of 5 members before their official debut! They finally finished their first official broadcast stage on 17th. The most nervous time of stand-by of debut stage! What was happening at SBS ‘Popular Music’ waiting room? We made a surprise visit to WINNER’s waiting room. Shall we go together?

Song Min Ho and Kim Jin Woo are doing their make-up and hair done for the first broadcast stage!

Song Min Ho and Kim Jin Woo  could be seen right after we got in! They seem slightly nervous having their first stage rehearsal ahead. What would both guys thinking by staring at the mirror with serious expression?

Nam Tae Hyun and Lee Seung Hoon are also in the middle of styling! Kang Seung Yoon is busy looking at his mobile phone.

Nam Tae Hyun and Lee Seung Hoon are arranging their stage costumes after finishing their make-up and hair styling. They did their best in order to show the smartest image for you guys since it was their first stage in broadcast! Kang Seung Yoon’s round hair is impressive! Kang Seung Yoon who is busily looking at his mobile phone in the middle of checking his styling seems quite earnest, right?

Name tags that each members written by them before the rehearsal! The smell of fresh rookies came out~!

Name tags that will be used in rehearsal stage! They need name tags since they are rookies appearing on broadcast stage as their first time, right? Lee Seung Hoon’s name tag most outstands! Lee Seung Hoon’s mischief personality can be felt from his handwritings! Are you curious of them wearing those name tags?


Members each posed by holding their name tags!

Seunghoon holding tight on his name tag while he is doing his hair style. He looks professional! Song Min Ho’s mischievous charismatic expression is also impressive. Nam Tae Hyun’s innocent smile was also shot. Fans, did your hearts all thump? Their group pictures are also released!

Rookie group WINNER!

Nam Tae Hyun is posing as a boss and other members are posing modestly!
You know ‘the youngest on top’… right?

WINNER is busy exercising, playing, and styling!

This is before several seconds before their rehearsal! Song Min Ho is doing his pushup with full speed. Kang Seung Yoon is kidding around on him! Also WINNER’s best visual appearance Kim Jin Woo and leader Kang Seung Yoon has finished checking their style for the last time!

They are monitoring meticulously after their rehearsal!

What did WINNER do as the first thing by running into the waiting room after the rehearsal of their first broadcast debut stage? It was the stage monitoring. Members kept on asking to staffs whether the stage was okay! Their passion is great, right?

Group cut of members that are relieved after finishing their stage!

This is a commemorative picture after finishing their stage with effort. Especially, our leader Kang Seung Yoon’s happy expression was impressive!

This is fans’ thoughtful letters of congratulating WINNER’s first broadcast stage!

Fans thoughtful fans were all taken by WINNER after their stage was over! Fans’ kind mind was conveyed to members.

Nam Tae Hyun showed this ring by saying it is a present from the fans!

We release Nam Tae Hyun’s ring proof-shot. Nam Tae Hyun showed a ‘V’ sign by saying it’s from his fans! Is his mind conveyed to you guys?

Lastly we release more group cuts for you guys as bonus cuts. Are you ready to fall into 5 colors of 5 WINNER members?

WINNER has smartly debuted in order to reward fans that have been waiting for them for a long time. Aren’t you guys all expecting what images those 5 members would show? Please love their sensitive stages of double title songs ‘empty’ and ‘Color ring’. And please cheer WINNER much since they will show more of themselves!

Credits : Naver Starcast


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