Surprise release of WINNER DEBUT PROJECT #NYC behind cuts!

Battle for choosing new boy group of YG that is going to be released in 9 years has been a year already. WINNER has spent time finding their identity which matches with the WINNER name after going through hard battle in order to gain the name of WINNER. The fact is that their identity will keep on developing.
There is ‘NEW YORK Project’ which WINNER and many staffs pick as the most hard schedule among many projects WINNER had gone through while preparing this album. But WINNER members all participated in their shootings by encouraging others including themselves with the excitement that his is their first album preparation in the middle of their schedule that seemed ‘Could this be possible even though we didn’t expect it?’ Since the New York shooting was so hard, it is still placed as good memory as much as it is talked when boring.
NAVER STARCAST releases unreleased pictures of New York now.
#1. Shooting scene of New York teaser-making pictures
Kim Jin Woo went asleep while he was taking the teaser video due to tight schedule. He kept on asking “Are you shooting right now?” by opening his eyes whenever the camera turned around several times. The video of him sleeping got decided as OK-cut even though he acted well when he was awake.
The dog, which its first impression was not good due to its build, remained at the shooting scene. Everybody could not easily get close to it, but it placed itself on Nam Tae Hyun’s knees since Nam Tae Hyun opened his mind first. It is said that it surprised others by sleeping comfortably when touching it slightly.
At the last day of the shooting schedule. Lee Seung Hoon kept on shooting until late night without complaints of envying other members who were resting after finishing their shooting first. He did not forget to convey gratitude to staffs that worked hard with him one by one since it was the last shooting. ^^
Kang Seung Yoon didn’t put down the props in the break time as if the props were curious even though he shot the shooting earnestly. He made other people experience the tuning fork after he beaten it here and there as though the ‘ring’ sound did not fed him up.
The shooting was placed in a popular restaurant in New York. Smart picture came out whenever and wherever it was taken. There’s an interesting story of a staff that asked “Who’s that blond lady?ㅠㅠ” while monitoring in Korea pointing at the Afghan hound which the blond hair was so smart. This is an episode that was made by looking at the dog with lovely eyes although I had dog allergy!
#2. Release of the Polaroid picture exciting than the actual episode
We release member’s pieces of which they pressed the shutter toward others whenever they saw cameras in the break time with the mind of showing them to fans!
Lee Seung Hoon is looking somewhere with an exotic background at the back. His charm harmonized with the Polaroid unique feeling can be felt.
Smile comes out naturally when seeing Kim Jin Woo smiling bright dressed in comfortable clothes. ^^
This is Nam Tae Hyun whose chicness not like the youngest was his charm. But he is showing the cutie youngest charm in this picture!
This is Kang Seung Yoon who has bright smile full of energy. What are you so excited at? Let’s be happy together!
This is Song Min Ho who sublimated fancy horn-rimmed glasses as his own style. His side line also seems so attractive although it’s sad that it’s not his front side!
#3. The BEST of New York Teaser that WINNER members have chosen!
What would be the most favorite picture to members although there are many other pictures released? Check the BEST picture which members picked by themselves~!
The BEST cut which Kim Jin Woo chose.
Are you all surprised at this released picture? This is a picture which Kim Jin Woo’s eyes are impressive.
The BEST cut which Kang Seung Yoon chose.
Kang Seung Yoon is eating bread by walking the streets of New York freely. The charm of this picture is the natural thing as if decorated.
The BEST cut which Lee Seung Hoon chose.
Lee Seung Hoon is driving the car. The contrasting image of red leather sheet of the great classic car and Lee Seung Hoon’s image seems intense.
The BEST cut which Song Min Ho chose.
Song Min Ho is sitting on a dark street dressed up in black shirt and slacks with the vehicle head light at the background. The mood is amazing!
The BEST cut which Nam Tae Hyun chose.
Nam Tae Hyun reading newspaper at a bright New York morning seems like a New Yorker.
How did you like New York pictures that notice WINNER’s start? Since there is an old saying of ‘A good beginning is half the battle’, how to start has become an important story. We think that WINNER’s start is more meaningful since many of us have been waiting for so long. Please be with their steps in the future also~ ^^

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