WINNER on Inkigayo, “So Grateful for the Unexpected Love & Enthusiasm!”

WINNER talked about how they feel about their debut.On SBS’s Inkigayo aired on August 17, WINNER commented on how they feel about their newly released album being a huge hit.

Inkigayo’s MC Lee Yoo Bi asked, “Your album is knocking down all albums immediately after release. How do you feel about this?”

To this KANG SEUNGYOON replied, “We are so grateful for the unexpected love and enthusiasm for our album. We prepared something special for you.” WINNER then moved on to showcase two songs.

Under KANG’s leadership, SONG MINHO beat-boxed while KANG played the guitar. LEE SEUNGHOON joined in with rapping. It was a short but powerful song.

WINNER has been garnering much popularity with their double title tracks “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING,” but their other songs like “DON’T FLIRT” also rank within top 10 of charts.

On Inkigayo the same day, other artists like Taemin, Secret, Sistar, Red Velvet, Hyun-ah, B1A4, Park Boram, Ladies Code, Heyne, Sunny Days, Gilgu Bongu, Tasty, C-clown, X10, Song Haye and B.I.G also appeared to deliver dynamic performances.

Credits: YG Life


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