WINNER, ranks the top of ‘M!countdown’ in 5 days since their Debut. Repeats gratitude ‘bows’

Group WINNER has ranked no. 1 in music broadcast in 5 days of their debut.WINNER ranked the top with ‘empty’ in Mnet music program ‘M!countdown’ by winning over Block B’s ‘HER’ on 21st afternoon.

WINNER’s leader Kang Seung Yoon that received the trophy could not continue his word easily than saying “Thank you”. He also thanked his entertainment family by saying, “I have so many people to thank including CEO Yang Hyun-suk and representative Yang Min-suk”.

WINNER did not forget to say their gratitude toward fans, “We will become hard workers. INNER CIRCLE, we thank you so much”. They showed their warmness by expressing their gratitude with keep on bowing even when other singer was going out to the stage for the ending.

WINNER gave laughter to audiences by ‘power walking’ which was their pledge they promised to keep when they become no. 1. They kept their pledge by doing power walking on the stage that looked like a runway in turns at the end of the broadcast.

Meanwhile, Gil9&Bong9, Red Velvet, LADIES CODE, Lip Service, Park Boram, Park Jaejung, BTS, Block B, Stella, Secret, Sunny Hill, AlphaBAT, WINNER, KARA, Taemin, and TASTY appeared in ‘M!countdown’ and made flashy stage.

Credits : Naver


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