WINNER’s unrivaled popularity: Knocks down charts + hits 2m views

 YG’s new group WINNER is showing unrivaled popularity with their sentimental hiphop.

 WINNER has topped 6 charts with their debut title track “EMPTY” from the debut album “2014 S/S” for 5 weeks in a row. The song released at 0 hour on August 12 stood at the top of Melon, Bugs, Olleh Music, Genie, Naver Music and Monkey 3. The other title track “COLOR RING” and other songs like “DON’T FLIRT” are ranked in the top 10 on many charts.

 It is quite rare for a new group to top charts for several days with the debut track. Members KANG SEUNG YOON and LEE SEUNG HOON became well known through audition programs, and the debut process shown on survival programs played a big role in garnering interest and popularity.

 WINNER is building their own territory in the music world with a very distinct color of sentimental hiphop of their own.

 Their M/V is also a huge hit. The video released simultaneously with the track has attracted 2.06 million views at 9 am on August 17. It surpassed 2 million in just 6 days of release. The video of “COLOR RING” stands at 1.29 million views.

 The members freely unleashed their musical talents in the album by writing, composing and producing the entire 10 songs. “EMPTY” is by WINNER’s SONG MIN HO and BOBBY from B.I from TEAM B, which sings about the emptiness that comes from a breakup, and is written by B.I.

 WINNER’s popularity is borderless: they are also topping 5 global iTunes in Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. And to respond to their international fame, WINNER will be making a debut in Japan before the month ends.

 All eyes are on WINNER, a group that is surprising everyone by knocking down charts immediately after their debut and also lining up charts with many of their songs.

 Their first TV debut performance will be on SBS’s Inkigayo to be aired on August 17, where they will showcase “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING.”

Credits : YG Life


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