Billboard calls WINNER “K-pop’s Exciting New Boy Band”

Billboard, an American music magazine, praised WINNER, saying they are “K-pop’s exciting new boy band”.

On September 29(local time), Billboard published an article introducing the just-debuted boy band WINNER as 2014′s most unusual rookies. The article said, “The quintet’s first single was revealed less than three weeks ago and now they have a No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart and a Top 10 entry on Heatseekers Albums.”

It also said, “The 2014 S/S album was a polished, eclectic 10-track set with melancholy, R&B/hip-hop hybrid singles “Empty” and “COLOR RING” (see below). Last week, the LP made a strong Billboard debut, selling 1,000 copies and hitting No. 1 on the World Albums chart (this week it’s at No. 11) and No. 6 on Heatseekers Albums, meaning a Billboard 200 debut wasn’t far off.”

Billboard “picked WINNER as one of Billboard’s K-Pop acts to watch in early 2014” and when the band was in New York shooting for their album jacket, they met up with the guys for an interview.

The interview started off with questions about WINNER`s efforts to distinguish themselves from other boy bands noting, “While a sizable fanbase did fall in love with their persona on Who Is Next, WINNER debuted with a fresh supermodel concept.”

WINNER said, “”One of the things that was our on our shoulders was the title of being ‘the continuation of BIGBANG. That’s why we’re really making an effort to show our different color. Whether it be our clothing or style, we won’t try to imitate. We’ll really try to figure out what’s different, what’s really more our own, and show our own image.”

When questioned about Team B, they replied, “…through the YG Family concerts we were able to go on stage together and have an opportunity to perform with them again and that was great. We felt very emotional at that point because we work well together and we really help each other succeed…Even in the future, we hope we’ll be competitors and friends. Family, but healthy competition to help each other grow.”

SONG MIN HO who left Block B to join WINNER said, “Block B was a cherished memory and a good experience with the practice. No regrets. But really, it’s about WINNER. I found home with WINNER. So this is a real debut.”

KANG SEUNG YOON, the leader of WINNER, concluded the interview by saying, “I really hope WINNER’s music can be energizing to people, make them feel happy and hopeful and that they’re really winners themselves. Thank you, we love you and thank you for waiting for us.”

Credits : YG Life


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