Is it for real? WINNER tops 7 charts for a whole week

YG’s new group WINNER has been proving their power by topping whopping 7 charts for one whole week with their debut song “EMPTY.”

 The title track “EMPTY” from the album “2014 S/S” unveiled on August 12 stood at the top on August 18 at 7 am on seven real-time charts including Melon, Genie, Olleh, Bugs, Ment, Naver and Daum.

 The other title “COLOR RING” also stands in the top range, garnering much popularity. In other charts, “DON’T FLIRT” also ranks in the top 10, which is a sign that their entire album is well received by the public.

 WINNER is showcasing unprecedented popularity by not only knocking down charts but also staying in the top range for several days. Their sentimental hiphop is setting them apart from other idol groups, while also heightening their popularity.

 “EMPTY” is a song that carries the emptiness that comes from a breakup, which is a joint work of TEAM B’s BOBBY and B.I from “WIN.” SONG MIN HO wrote the song. “COLOR RING” is a work by KANG SEUNG YOON, SONG MIN HO and LEE SEUNG HOON, where the leader KANG took the role of being the main producer.

 Other singers like Park Boram’s “Beautiful” and Ailee’s “Only You” from the drama “Fated to Love You” also stand in the top range of charts.

Credits : YG Life


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