Netizens Reaction : WINNER #1 on the Charts + Incredible Popularity

1. [+128, -13] When I watched WIN, I thought they were all so good-looking… and then I got even more invested in them because they’re good at singing and rapping……. ㅎ I hope they become big! Winner fighting! ♥

2. [+114, -13] I love WINNER’s ‘Different’ so much. It’s like a waterfall of emotions raining down on my heart, and if you listen to it at night, you get even more emotional ㅠㅠ Congrats on your debut!!!!!

3. [+108, -14] These charming boys!!!! Don’t forget where you came from and let’s go for the long run~ Noona will cheer you on ㅠㅠ

4. [+82, -9] The songs are really good~~~ I hope WINNER becomes even more successful~~~

5. [+75, -6] Wow, that’s amazing. I wonder if they can keep their place at #1 for two consecutive weeks? They should come out on more music shows and Sketchbook to promote. Yang CEO! ㅎ Use your strength. They’ve worked so hard for this debut and their promotions are lacking so much… you should promote that they’re #1 on the charts more.

6. [+48, -1] I hope they perform upbeat songs like Don’t Flirt and Love is a Lie!!

7. [+42, 0] The songs are really good but I hope they promote a lot more so that people will get to know them more and so they can earn more fans. Fighting!

Credits : YG Press


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